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Library links and resources Are also located on our 

Library links and resources Are also located on our 

District Library Website


How to log in to all resources:

Sign in with GOOGLE

Username: your school gmail address (

Password: password you use to login to school computers

You can click on any of the resources below to go directly to them! 

Download the Sora App or click on the icon above

1. Select Greater Sacramento Schools- Rocklin Unified School district. 2. Sign in with your RUSD Google account 3. Listen to audiobooks, read-alongs, or read ebooks.

Brittanica School

Brittanica is a safe, up-to date resource for researching any topic!

TrueFlix- username is pwhitney, ask librarian for password

Interactive ebooks, websites, and paired videos that support science and social studies curriculum.

SIRS Discoverer-

Articles, books, images, activities, and websites curated for educational relevance, age appropriateness and readability.

Search and download properly attributed, Creative Commons photos for school

Teachingbooks is an ongoing collection that brings books to life! Search any book to view trailers, author interviews, websites, etc.

CultureGrams from ProQuest

This database goes beyond basic facts and figures on more than 200 countries, with up-to-date reports detailing daily life and culture, history, customs and lifestyle from an insiders' perspective.

ProQuest eLibrary

eLibrary helps simplify the research process by providing a large collection of periodical and digital media content selected to support beginning researchers.