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Fusion Dance Tickets will go on sale on Monday, September 26!
Tickets will be $3 per person.
Please come by the front office to purchase your tickets. Tickets are limited to FOUR tickets per family per night. If you have students dancing on both nights, families may buy FOUR tickets total for each night their students dance. There will be a 6PM and 7PM show. Tickets will be on sale until the day of the dance
Classes dancing:

Wednesday, Oct 5th
Wardlaw 5th
Eckert 3rd
Shields 1st
Lynch 4th 
Jansz 2nd
Nelson 2nd
Wong K
Menacho 6th
Thursday, Oct 6th 
Hoffman  5th
McKee TK
Wallin 3rd
Waggoner 1st
Runsten 4th
Barber ½
Cochenour 3rd
VanLiew K
Cook 6th

October 20th
Parker Whitney


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Did you miss it? Our PW Choir was on Good Morning Sacramento!


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Our Mission

The mission of Parker Whitney Elementary, a California Distinguished school and a key component of a diverse learning community, is to ensure each student will experience meaningful and measurable academic growth and build a strong, active connection to his or her community as a dynamic life-long learner by:
1. Providing quality instruction through collaboration, evolving technologies, and high expectations.
2. Recognizing and addressing academic challenges.
3. Building vital partnerships with our families and the community.
4. Creating and maintaining a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.